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How Do I Choose The Right EV Charger?

Choosing the right EV charger depends on several factors that are specific to your needs and circumstances. Here are some key considerations to help you determine which EV charger is right for you:
  • Electrical Supply: Assess your electrical supply at the installation location. The most common household electrical supply is single-phase, which typically supports chargers up to 7kW. If you have access to a three-phase electrical supply, you can consider chargers with higher power ratings, such as 22kW, for faster charging speeds.
  • Tethered or Untethered: Decide whether you prefer a tethered or untethered charger. Tethered chargers come with the cable attached, making it convenient for immediate use. Untethered chargers require you to provide the compatible cable for your vehicle, offering more flexibility but requiring additional cable management.
  • Smart Features: Determine if you want a smart EV charger. Smart chargers connect to the internet and offer features such as remote monitoring, scheduling, and integration with smartphone apps. These features allow you to monitor and control charging sessions, track energy usage, and take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.
  • Budget: Consider your budget for the EV charger and installation. Prices can vary depending on the brand, features, and installation requirements. It’s essential to strike a balance between your desired features and the affordability of the charger.

Our streamlined 8-step process ensures a stress-free experience when it comes to selecting and installing the perfect charger for your needs. With complete transparency, we provide upfront pricing that includes everything you need, leaving no room for surprises or hidden extras. Our extensive range of carefully curated EV chargers is designed to cater to your specific requirements, guaranteeing that you receive nothing but the absolute best options available in the market.

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