What are solar panels?

Solar panels are also known as photovoltaic or PV panels. A PV panel is made of solar cells that are connected together. These cells absorb sunlight and convert it to electricity. The electricity is used to power the home, and it can also be used to charge batteries for later use.

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels, talk to us at RMD Energy. Our team is MCS accredited, qualified, and experienced at fitting solar panels for all types of homes. We provide a complete service, from design to installation, ensuring the process is simple and straightforward for our customers.

Is my home suitable for solar panels?

There are lots of things to look at when considering solar panels and whether it’s the right thing for your home.

  • Size of the roof space
  • The way the roof faces
  • The angle of the pitch
  • Size of the roof space
  • The way the roof faces

We make it easy by surveying your home to check that it’s suitable for solar panels. Our one-stop-shop approach means that we design the system for your home to maximise the benefits. Our expert team also installs everything to ensure the system works efficiently for many years. We will supply you with a sun path video to prove the panels have been placed in the best place on your roof. Our products commonly come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee for your peace of mind.

Do solar panels have to go on the roof?

Solar panels are most commonly fitted on the roof of homes in the UK. This is because there’s a lot of unused space up there with access to direct sunlight. If, however, you have a suitable land area, then our ground-mounted panels can be fitted and are very popular Call us to discuss installing solar panels at your home.

Why switch to solar?

There’s never been a better time to change to solar energy. Over the years, solar has become cheaper, more efficient, and easier to install in regular homes. There are many great reasons for using this source of power:

  • Solar is a readily available green energy
  • It is a renewable energy source that is free!
  • No harmful pollutants are released by its production
  • Save money on electricity bills
  • Lessen your reliability on big energy companies
  • You reduce your carbon footprint using solar energy

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

Every home is different, therefore it’s difficult to say how much switching to solar energy costs, but we are always competitive with our prices. The costs are dependent on the size of the system required, the number of panels, and the accessibility of your roof. We provide a complete quote after surveying your property and are happy to explain all the costs involved.

To help spread the cost of installing solar panels, we have financial packages available. There may be grants and government incentives available too.