Commonly known as immersion controllers energy diverters allow you to take your self consumption to the next level

  • Water Heaters: utilising surplus solar energy your water can be efficiently heated with low energy
  • Heat Pumps: when there is not enough solar production, typically 1.4kWh to power your heat pump an energy diverter can take over to trickle charger on low energy
  • Underfloor Heating: Energy diverters can be utilised to operate most heating loads upto 3.7kw
  • Dual Tariff Compatibility: Most commonly water heater and storage are found to be connected to an off-peak electricity supply. An energy diverter can power these devices with excess solar during peak times.

These are just a few features available and advertised for the MyEnergi Eddi energy diverter

Looking to add an energy diverter.

Eddi or iBoost

When selecting between the robust and reliable Eddi and iBoost energy diverters the choice ultimately comes down to specific features required.

Both will efficiently divert surplus renewable energy to your water heater, provide energy monitoring through the MyEnergi App and iBoost Buddy remote.

The Eddi stands out with its many features with some detailed above including compatibility with battery storage and seamless integration with the MyEnergi Zappi EV charger and Libbi Solar inverter/ battery.